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Peggy was a classic and powerful beauty, meticulously maintained to the perfection of her former glory. Long since the days when he cranked up the radio and belted out ‘Peggy Sue’ to her, she remained his steadfast companion, proving to be reliable and trustworthy.  Smitten with her the minute he laid eyes on her sleek, shiny chrome hood rockets, his passion deepened further once he drove her supercharged engine built for performance. Carefree and blissful, he escorted her around town whenever he could, showing her off with pride and taking pleasure in being the envy of all his friends.

Now, his calloused hand shook slightly as he slid a soft, clean cloth along her gleaming blue, tail-finned rear quarter panel, polishing it to a high gloss. He carried out this regimen daily, driven to continue regardless of the pain it created. They rarely left the shelter of his garage these days, excursions limited to when the sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky, and the summer car shows bustled with spectators. Finished with his administrations, he sat next to her in the cool shade with the hope that a fellow car junkie or two stopped by – still loving the chance to show her off. He’d tell them in an affectionate tone, “Peggy’s a hardtop, two-door, 1957 Chevy small block V8 Bel Air. She’s the last of the Tri-5’s, and just as solid now as she was back then. My wife always declared (God rest her soul) that Peggy was my one true love.” Then, with a smile and a wink, he’d confess “and you know what? She may have been right.”

~Barb Roehler~ 














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