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“Nothing ever truly dies.  The universe wastes nothing; everything is simply transformed.”    ~ Klatuu

Several years ago, my favorite grade school teacher said to me, “I’m told I have pancreatic cancer.”

Just to look at him, I knew it was true.  I’d seen “that look” too many times at the hospital where I worked.  To this day, I regret I didn’t tell him how much he’d meant to me over the years, but I was afraid I’d cry if I did.  So, I muttered senseless platitudes and took my leave of him as soon as I could.

Then, he passed away and I never got another chance.

Shortly after his passing, I experienced a life-altering dream.  I woke up in my childhood bedroom just as my old teacher walked in the door.  He looked as young and handsome as he did when I’d first met him thirty years before.  “I thought you died,” I said.  In my dream, he nodded in agreement.

“But you look so well, so young and handsome.”  He beamed at me and nodded again.  “But . . . how?” I asked.  My teacher smiled that knowing smile of his . . . the one he’d used in class when he wanted me to figure out something on my own.  He crossed his arms and legs and leaned against my bedroom wall, just like he did in class so many years ago.  It seemed obvious he was waiting for me to use logic to figure out the answer on my own.

Suddenly, the answer came to me. “Nothing ever dies.” I said. “It changes to a different form and is born anew.  In the afterlife, we can be that which we want to be.”

His image smiled, nodded his head, and he was gone. The dream affected me so profoundly I had to share it with his family, and I’ve heard it brought them peace.  I know for a fact that it helped me release my own fears about death.


~J.K. Ingersoll~





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