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I slam on my brakes, throw the vehicle into park and rush to the front of my truck.  There I bear witness and safe journey to the low lying traveler and omen of good fortune.

As I watch its sluggish pace, I contemplate the turtle’s constant burden, its hard protective shell composed of bone and cartilage. Is the load heavy? Is it an annoyance or is it weightless, requiring minimal effort?

While the greenish-spotted reptile leisurely makes its way across the steaming asphalt, I am reminded that ‘slow and steady wins the race”, indeed, life seems a game of endurance.  Hoping to gain some insight through closer inspection, I lift the creature to my face.  Head and limbs quickly disappear into its ever present safe-haven and I am left pondering its message of longevity and stability.

In an effort to help secure the outcome of the turtle’s trek, I place the one representing gentle innocence on the far side of its long path.  I return to my truck, smiling at the moment the creature and I just shared.


~Tam Veilleux~



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