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It was Christmas and I was busy setting up one of our family’s traditional decorations for the season.

“Why are you putting those three pieces on different corners of the table?” my mother questioned as I gently picked the pieces of the nativity crèche out of their carefully-wrapped storage and set them in their usual place of honor on the antique granite table which used to belong to my grandparents.

“I learned something new in Sunday school,” I announced in my proud seven-year-old way.   “The three “Wise Guys” traveled from different countries before they met up to go see the baby Jesus in Bethlehem.”  I was eager to teach my mother something she didn’t know about the bible.  “I’m going to move them every day till they finally meet at the manger on Christmas Day to give Him His gifts.”

For some reason, Mother laughed.  “I think those are called “Wise Men,” she replied.

“Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure, sweetheart.”

“Can I still move them every day till they meet at the manger to give baby Jesus his presents?”

“Yes, dear.  You can.  Just be careful.  The pieces are made of china and could break.”

And with that simple admonishment, a yearly tradition was born.  It was my job to make sure the three “Wise Guys” made it to the manger to bestow their gifts upon the son of God.  When I think back upon the sacredness of that moment of trust between a mother and her young child, it makes me smile.  (I also used to help baby Jesus dance to the music of the little drummer boy, but only when mom wasn’t around.  I didn’t want to make her nervous.)


~J.K. Ingersoll~



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