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The menorah (also known as the hanukiah) is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Jewish faith.  Every year, sometime between late November to late December, the Jewish people celebrate Hanukkah.  They remember the re-dedication of the Temple after it was wrested from the control of oppressors some 2,300 years ago.  The oil lamp was lit in the Temple but there was only enough pure ritual oil to last for one night.  A miracle occurred in which the flame burned for eight days, until the new oil arrived.  The menorah has places for eight candles, each one representing the miracle of that time.  There is also room for an additional candle which is used to light the others, one night at a time.

Although I am not Jewish, my sister-in-law is.   Before my mother passed away, she had bought my sister-in-law a beautiful hanukiah made by a well-known artist specializing in work representing his Jewish faith.  Within that beautiful piece of pottery, I could feel his devotion and love.  The colors within the menorah represented the celebration of that time when the Temple was back with his people.  The piece itself represented my mother’s love for her daughter-in-law and I felt fortunate to be able to pass the exquisite work of art along as a reminder.

~Cathy Chapman~




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