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Whether dressed to the nines in silver tinsel and blown glass finials or draped in simple popcorn garlands strung by plump and not-so-nimble fingers, the Christmas tree stands as a noble representation of the annual, merry holiday.  Each tree bearing the personality of the designer, formal, whimsical, or country hand-crafted, all styles, shapes and forms are equally adored.

Homes feel suddenly celebratory, and a perpetual party feeling ensues for as long as the twinkling lights blink in the corner of the parlor. Adults and children alike anxiously haul tired cardboard boxes from their places in storage and then move quickly to uncover and announce festive treasures one by one as they carefully place them on the prickly branches. The evergreen genus of choice matters not. Nordic pines, laurel bows or lacey cedars all act as the holder of family treasures.

There is immense joy in the final gesture indicating the start of the season, as Papa tops the Christmas tree with a feathery white angel.  The entire room falls silent in reverent awe and small faces alight with wonder.


~Tam Veilleux~





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