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If there was something that could show you by example how to be successful in all your endeavors, would you take it all in and learn?  What if it had the ability to observe the big picture and used keen vision to choose the goal that was most attainable.  Then it formed a plan and quickly put it into action. Suppose this something taught you how to focus on your goal, and let nothing distract you from attaining it. Then, once your goal was within your grasp . . . to hold on tightly, even though there might be rough waters along the way?  What if it taught you to never give up?

These are lessons you can learn from watching the osprey, the master of his domain.   What a majestic creature in action!   It is no wonder that in colonial times, this member of the hawk family was considered, right along with the bear and the Eagle as a possible symbol for our country.   (We’ll not mention Ben Franklin’s choice, the wild turkey.)

~J.K. Ingersoll~





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