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A friend of mine asked me how to quiet the cynic within herself and in response, I answered, “become the Blue Heron.”  I smiled at her confusion and explained.  “In many cultures, the Blue Heron symbolizes peace and tranquility. When the blue Heron comes to you, it gives you the lesson of self-reflection. It teaches you how to “know” the person inside and to accept your feelings, both good and bad about yourself.  And in the end, we all must learn to accept every emotion, even the ones that can be overwhelming at times.


If we only look at ourselves in a negative fashion, we will never see our true beauty and our vast potential.  This gets in the way of the opportunities that present themselves to us. We cannot see beyond the moment. The blue Heron says we should not feel as though we have no self-worth nor wallow in self-pity.  We are beautiful when we allow ourselves to shine.


The only way for us to grow is to claim responsibility for our actions. Only in doing this can our true light begin to show.  That which we were meant to be is allowed to become a beacon for others so that they may reach their true potential too.


   ~J.K. Ingersoll~




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