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When I look upon an orchid, I am filled with wonder and awe. I have tried to raise them past their first bloom without success, but I enjoyed the blossoms as long as they lasted.  I watched as an elderly woman gently tended a room full of them the last years of her life.  She seemed to know exactly when they needed to be misted and when they just needed a kind word. At times, she reverently touched their stalks and appeared to be communing with the beautiful flower.

These exquisite flowers arrived upon the planet during the time the dinosaurs roamed the earth. They are found on every continent save Antarctica and grow in bogs, upon the mountains, in rainforests and on grasslands.

In some countries, the orchid is considered an aphrodisiac. Ancient Greeks viewed orchids as a sign of virility. For centuries, this delicate flower has been a symbol of love and beauty. I remember the orchid corsages we gave to Mom and our grandmothers on Mother’s Day, and the beautiful corsage a boyfriend gave me for prom. How my soul is touched by the radiant orchid.


~Cathy Chapman~



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