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As I stand on the cliffs above Mesa Verde, I listen intently, wondering if I can hear the rustling of the ancient peoples who once lived here. Why did they leave these intricately designed dwellings? Was it famine that forced them to leave a place their ancestors had lived in for centuries? Perhaps, a terrible illness devastated their loved ones. With hearts heavy from grief, did they gather their remaining family and friends and move to where the evil of illness could not find them?  Maybe war forced the women, children and elders to flee to a place of safety.

Whatever their reasons for leaving, I sense the vibrant lives they shared within the cliffs. They loved. They laughed. They cried. These ancient peoples tended their children around their hearth and yet, one day, they were gone. This is true for all humanity. We live as fully as we can and then we die. Will others, centuries in the future, wonder about those of us who left homes much more easily destroyed than these cliff dwellings? Past, present and future… isn’t the human spirit over the ages basically the same? We love. We laugh. We cry… and then we die.

~Cathy Chapman~


As I stand on the cliffs above Mesa Verde, I feel the weight of the ages enfolding me.

On the wind which surrounds me, the subtle sounds of yesteryear echo in the canyon.  Is that the sound of children I hear? Horses stamping their feet?  The chipping of rocks as the people below make new arrows to bring down game to feed their families.  The sounds of life from ages past make me feel as though I’m a part of this glorious scene of time gone by.  I am home.

~J.K. Ingersoll~



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