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I’m not sure what it is about holly that elicits in me feelings of warmth and home. Perhaps it is the vibrancy of the red against the green, so much like the red and green of Christmas.

When I think of Christmas, I immediately move into cherished memories of dazzling Christmas trees, excited children, and the yearly visit of my maternal grandparents. They arrived with a trunk filled with gifts for their five grandchildren, their beloved only child and son-in-law.

This same grandmother loved the Cardinal bird. I remember her favorite photograph was of snow lightly dusting a green holly branch abundantly adorned with vibrant, red berries. The crimson-clad Cardinal sat majestically upon the branch. Ah yes, that is what the fruited holly bush represents to me, a grandmother who knew only love and showered it upon us all.

Although she has been gone these many years, the verdant green of the holly with those glorious, red berries triggers in my mind, the sacredness of my grandmother’s love which remains planted in my heart forever.


~Cathy Chapman~





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