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Ahhh . . . coconut.   My eyes close and I give a gentle sigh when I bite into one of my niece’s coconut macaroons.  I roll the delicious flavor around on my tongue before I swallow it.  Add chocolate to the flavor of coconut and I am likely to go into rapture.  Someone seeing my face when I eat it must think I’m have a mystical experience.

In the Pacific Islands, coconut is so highly valued that the palm tree it grows upon is called the “Tree of Life”. Around the world, the list of medicinal uses for this delectable fruit is long.  Research studies are now finding evidence that coconut oil is a very healthy cooking oil.  (I thoroughly enjoy the slight nutty taste when I sauté my vegetables in it or pop my popcorn.)  Benefits range from making skin soft, to fighting off microbes to raising metabolism which enhances weight loss.  I’m using it now in my dog’s food to assist in eliminating allergies.  How wonderful to have something which tastes so amazingly delicious be good for you as well.


~Cathy Chapman~



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