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Deciduous trees are a year long representation of the circle of life. In the winter, they lose their leaves, leaving nothing to hide the structure of the tree. All their “clothes” are off. The twists and turns of the limbs stand out for everyone to see. There is a certain beauty in the bareness of the limbs when there is nothing left to adorn it. It’s as if the tree whispers, “Here I am. Accept me or go on.”

In the spring, when new leaves begin to sprout, the freshness of possibilities makes their appearance. There is hope. There is joy in the creation of new life.

The maturity of the summer leaves shimmer in all their glory. They enfold the branches of the tree, hiding imperfections.  The tree displays vibrancy and life.

The coming of autumn begins to change the folliage once more. When the rainfall and temperature are just right, the leaves splash color across the landscape until they fall onto the ground. The old is dropped. Bare limbs will soon be present again, waiting to be filled with new possibilities.


~Cathy Chapman~




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