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Any tapestry consists of threads of many colors. The photo of this tapestry is made of separate photographs of what is considered sacred by someone. When a tapestry is woven with thread, the back of it looks haphazard with little hint of the beauty on the other side. When viewing this tapestry, lovingly constructed of a montage of photographs, you lose the beauty of the whole by focusing on one photo in isolation.  Yet, if that photo was not there, the tapestry itself would be different.

This is true for the many events in one human life. One happening examined out of context of the whole gives little hint to the fashioning and forming of an individual. Perhaps that single snapshot of time is filled with regret. Then again, it may be filled with abundant joy. No matter what occurs, each experience is integral to the making of the sacred tapestry of life which is completed only as the last breath is taken.

~Cathy Chapman~



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