Day #129 – Flying

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Day #129 – Flying

My body felt immersed in a cloud of blue.  Floating yet moving with purpose.  I’m flying a helicopter.  Filled with a sense of peace I’d never felt before,  I sat with my right hand extended before me, clutching some imaginary object.  My breath slowed to the point I wasn’t sure I was still breathing.   My mind was spinning, trying to make sense of the intense emotions flowing through my body.   Suddenly, I “got it”.  I understood the feelings of wonder coursing through my body.

Turn the clock back twenty minutes and I had just met a man with whom I would connect in the most spiritual way I’d ever interacted with a complete stranger.   We were both attending a motivational seminar and the group exercise was to connect emotionally with another human being simply by mimicking their actions.

We divided up into groups of three.   One person was told to sit in a chair, re-live the most intense emotions they had ever felt in their life and then to sit in the same pose as they had the day of their experience.

Another person’s job was to maneuver the third person into exactly the same body posture as the first.  By doing this, you were supposed to “feel” the same feelings and emotions of the person “re-experiencing” their most emotional moment.

With one last minute adjustment, the woman manipulating my body to mimic the body posture of my new friend changed my emotional state forever.  The instant rush of peace, joy and power coursing through my body as I realized I was flying, will stay with me forever.

That was thirteen years ago and I’ve never forgotten the experiment and that sacred moment when I realized what flying means to those lucky enough to master it.

~J.K. Ingersoll~

Writer Updates

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I’m excited to share that the team of writers I assembled are working on the descriptions for each photograph, and they are doing amazing, excellent work. I’m proud to have each one onboard with the “Sacred” project. And so, over the course of the next few weeks, all the photographs will have descriptions uploaded.

In other news, I have begun working on laying out Volume One of the “A Day With the Sacred” book, which will feature the first three months of photographs along with the writings, additional images and a section on “The Story Behind the Photograph.” We will begin taking pre-orders within the next week or two, so watch for it!

This Journey

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Photographing this series for “A Day With the Sacred” has already be quite the journey…even after just 35 days. In that time, I’ve witnessed my sister getting chemotherapy, the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and the birth of my first grandbaby. I’ve also found that, while we are literally surrounded by sacredness, producing consistent photographs that capture it every day can be a challenge. But I am up for the challenge and loving it! Can’t wait to discover what else unfolds in this journey!

Facebook Fan Page is now available!

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The Facebook Fan Page the the “A Day with the Sacred” series is now LIVE. Please visit it and click the “LIKE” button HERE!

You can access it any time by visiting:


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Welcome to “A Day With the Sacred!” This amazing and curious journey is just getting underway so check back often. A new “sacred? photograph will be posted every day for the next year! Also, please feel free to share what YOU consider sacred and why!